Shopping Cart Series: Marketeer Gets Rolling Again

What a beautiful day it was on March 17, 2010. I hoped to roll out to the St. Patrick’s Day parade in Manhattan, but they made me work instead.

When I heard that the Marketeer was going out of business, I figured that would be my chance to finally do some things I always wanted to do.  One day after that news hit the presses, I overheard some of the guys at Bagel Boy on Avenue Z saying that they didn’t need to advertise online ‘cuz the Marketeer was coming back. A little later, I heard someone else say that some other major news outlet was going to take over the sales circular market, because the need exists.

“The need for what?” I thought. “Sopping wet messes of goopy packets that got caught in the rain, which people don’t even bother to take the plastic off to recycle the paper?” Sure, there’s a need for that. Needed by some people, but not by me. I get all my Sheepshead Bay shopping information online, these days. Sheepshead Bites does not get wet and goopy and I don’t have to bend to pick it up.

So, there I was filing for my unemployment payment for the week, and these people roll me out. Layoff over. Well, I guess I can still get an after work Guinness.

Editor’s Note: Despite the headline, Marketeer is not back. A bag of circulars called Market Place (using similar font) is now being distributed. This little cart was confused.