Shopping Cart Series: Locked Out

Shopping cart in search of a locksmith to let him back into his home. (Photo courtesy of Stefanee Rivera))

A reader, Stefanee Rivera, sent us this photograph of a lost shopping cart and gave us the background story.

This poor little guy was found early Saturday morning seeking assistance  from the locksmith inside. Apparently he got locked out of his house  (Walbaum’s) and couldn’t find a neighbor to help. He wandered over to the  locksmith on Ave. X and Ocean Ave.  for some help getting back inside.  The nice locksmith who works there called his parents and told them he  was waiting for them at the shop. They said they would be “right over”   to pick him up. However, according to the locksmith, at 3:45PM, the  lonely little shopping cart was still there waiting for his mom and dad.  I suggested he call the Administration for Shopping Cart Services  (ASCS) if they hadn’t come to pick him up by closing time.

Hearing the news that the shopping complex where the Waldbaum’s store is located has  been sold for $10 million, may have made him a little nervous about his family’s future.


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