Shopping Cart Series: Kool Not Cool

(Photo courtesy of reader nolastname)

It was cold outside when someone came up and snapped my picture. That was January, I think. Why they took so long to put me up on this site, I’ll never know. I’m only a shopping cart, but I felt slighted getting second billing to even that foraging pipsqueak. Yeah, sure he gets to recycle scrap metal and copper, but that guy acts like he’s four-wheeledly saving the world.

Well, back to me…Someone stacked this bulky, old Kool cigarette display case (or whatever that thing is) into me and shoved me over by the garbage bay. It was like some kind of cruel joke, ‘cuz they must have known how much I’ve taken up the fight against smoking.

I was so tempted to send myself rolling into the street just so that I could tip over and send that cigarette sign smashing to the ground into a million pieces (okay, one hundred pieces for plexiglass). Now that’s Kamikaze Kool!