Shopping Cart Series: In A Sea Of Sandy Beige

A shopping art in a sea of sand. (Photo courtesy of nolastname)

I wanted to be posted as one of those beautiful Wednesday Midweek Photos, while the author of this silly shopping cart feature insisted on putting me up on Thursday. So, who do you think won that argument? The one with the publishing power, that’s who. I’m telling you, I would trade my four wheels for a computer connected to the internet. Start my own site and put myself up any day and in any feature that I want!

Here’s my story. I’ve been living in Sheepshead Bay for a while, and seen quite a few new developments, condos, and homes in the style of the one seen behind me. This new construction (Avenue T and East 26 Street) is beautiful in its own way, but I really don’t know what’s up with all the sand. I mean, we live within walking distance of many sandy beaches, so why do we want this much sand on our front lawns?

Not that I don’t look near surrealistic with the soft tone of the dry concrete, sand, and painted stucco exteriors. The little bit of green grass desperately fighting for its life reminds us that Sheepshead Bay is this close to becoming a concrete wasteland. You might not think this is so important now, but next time when there’s excessive rainfall with no soil to absorb some of that runoff, you’ll remember this silly shopping cart.

Well, now that I got this important message about flooding and storm water runoff, I do feel a little better about being here on Thursday, ‘cuz I guess there wouldn’t have been much chance to say all this stuff in the Midweek Photo. What do you think?


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