Shopping Cart Series: Gas Can Courier

Shopping cart filled with gas cans. (Photo courtesy of nolastname)

Last week, when that ne’er-do-well sorry excuse for a cart got posted in the Shopping Cart Series, I felt like throwing a lit match onto him.

Nolastname sent my picture in, first. But somehow, he managed to convince the “editors” to post his picture before mine! And how did he do that? By piggybacking on that major news story about the car bomb in Times Square and by insinuating that he was a crude bomb. How ridiculous. His gas cans had not even a vapor of gas in them!

Meantime, the gas cans in my basket are filled to the brim with flammable liquid. The guy using me as a courier was seen rolling me on Avenue U going West from the gas station on Gerritsen Avenue. Next thing you know I was parked in front of this deli and he was taking a coffee break (no, not that guy in the picture). Somehow, I don’t remember reading “leave filled gas cans sitting on sidewalk” in the article entitled, “How to Safely Fill and Transport Gasoline Using a Gas Can.”

It might seem like I’m making a big deal, but have any of you tried being cool as a cucumber with a couple of full gas cans on your back?