Shopping Cart Series: Fall Colors

shopping cart garbage cans e 16 st nov 2009

All around New England, the season has changed and the colors have peaked even “better than ever” (thanks to a wet summer). Leaves turned spectacular deep browns, bright reds, and sharp yellows.

Here, on this dead end street in Sheepshead Bay, my life feels like it’s at a dead end, and the only colors I see are the rusty browns of these garbage can covers and bricks, the bright red of this garage door, and the neon yellow of this old Daffy’s shopping bag. And, oh yeah, the blues of the plastic garbage cans are more Mediterranean, not Northeastern United States fall foliage. Come to think of it, that’s a lot of color.

These people, here, on East 16 Street (near Avenue W) felt I was a flight risk, so they locked me up to this gate. I’m just wondering if they take me for a garbage can — not that there’s anything wrong with garbage cans. Just that I’m not one.


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