Shopping Cart Series: Crossing State Lines for Cleanup

Cart brought in from New Jersey for Fall cleanup
Cart brought in from New Jersey for Fall cleanup

They brought me in from New Jersey. The “they” I’m talking about is the company that owns me. I’m just a shopping cart, so I can’t read or nothing. I only know that I belong to this  company — a landscaping one, I think — that takes me on trips here and there to do work for them.

I didn’t get a chance to go to school. Until now, that is. I mean, this company that owns me, brought me here to this school in New York City. Well, they told me I was going to New York City, but next thing I know I was in Brooklyn. Is that a part of New York City?

I dunno. I just came here, because I was forced to do so. It’s part of my job. Still, I try to find some excitement in it as much as I can. Sure, I could be carting food around like some of my cousins do in those large New Jersey supermarkets, but you know what? I got no other choice. These people took me from the only place I called home and so I decided to embrace this work, and on today’s agenda: clean up P.S. 254.

Here we are — ready to pack up after the job is done. They’re about to load me and my comrades (amongst others: milk carton, stand up fan, and lawn mower) into the truck. Goodbye, NYC. Goodbye, Brooklyn. Goodbye, Sheepshead Bay. Goodbye, P.S. 254. It’s back to the Garden State. At least I get to travel across state lines, which is more than I can say for some of the others.