Shopping Cart Series: Bearing Red Flowers

Nothing is better on a beautiful summer day, than sweet smelling bouquets of fresh flowers.

Not! Because, actually, these flowers are not real. They’re synthetic and my owner put them on me to make me feel better that I’m just a rolling bottle & can carrier. In my previous life, I belonged to The Sports Authority. I used to carry rough and tough sportswear, sneakers, and equipment. Now, clinky cans and bottles.

At least this picture was taken of me when I’m not loaded up with hundreds of recyclables set for redemption. Still, my gorgeous red color has to compete with not just the flowers, but the red blouse of the pedestrian and the red paint on the car parked across the street (Nostrand Avenue). I guess that’s still better than having to compete with the owner’s dog. When I heard that I might be shown pictured with that pooch, I asked them to just put this picture up, instead. It’s bad enough that my distinctive features have to be overshadowed by the flowers, the last thing I need is man’s best friend stealing my thunder!


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