Shopping Cart Series: Anyone Wanna Pick My Lock?

shopping cart locked up e 15 st ave v

Does anyone in the nabe wanna take on a little challenge?

I’ve been locked up here for a little while and thanks to Sheepshead Bites, I may have an opportunity to be set free.  I’ll need your help, though.

If there are any of you who is willing to learn the Art of Lockpicking, check out Lee J. Lawson’s video about how to pick locks. Just cue up the video at 5:38 and study the segment called Bypassing Padlocks. When you think  you’ve got it under control, head over to the corner house at Avenue V and East 15 Street. You’ll find me locked up at the side staircase on Avenue V.

I don’t really see how rescuing me from this outdoor prison can be prosecutable. Think about it, I don’t belong to this guy. He took me from the supermarket — and he’s not the CEO.

Okay, come on by, anytime. Remember, with any challenge comes the opportunity for a victory! Let’s roll.