Shopping Cart Series: A Little Red For Valentine’s

Valentine's Day red shopping cart awaiting the big day. (Photo submitted by anonymous reader)

It was dawn a few weeks ago when someone snapped me still sleeping on the front lawn of this house near East 19th Street & Avenue W.

With sleep still in my eyes, I barely managed to ask the person why my  picture was being taken. When she told me that I was going to be featured in Sheepshead Bites as a misplaced shopping cart, I was all for it. Just wish I had some time to wash my face. A couple of weeks passed by and I was not to be seen anywhere near Sheepshead Bites.

So, here’s Valentine’s Day around the corner and who should show up on the blog? That’s right. Little ol’ Red. I’m all dressed up for the romantic holiday, but got no one to roll around with. I could use a little companionship. Anyone know another shopping cart looking for some Red hot love?