Sheepshead Sex Shop: Notice Anything Different?

No, it’s not the same photo from yesterday. It’s a brand new photo taken around 4:00 p.m. today. Look close. Really, really close.

KamaSutra, the scandalous ‘sex shop’ we told you about this morning, did indeed make good on its promise to Assemblyman Steven Cymbrowitz. The did change their 1717 Sheepshead Bay Road window display. But only a careful eye would notice.

Keep reading after the jump, to see more photos (sorry, too provocative for our front page) and find out what changed.

EDITOR’S NOTE: The photos after the jump show closeups of some of the items in the window display. Some may consider the images graphic. The images may not be safe for viewing in a work environment.

See it now? Of course you do! KamaSutra removed all of their pipes – water pipes and glass pipes – from their storefront. For the uninitiated, these pipes are often used to smoke marijuana, but any store owner in St. Mark’s, Manhattan, will tell you it’s for tobacco use only.

The penises and phalic-frippery? Still there. The revealing photos of busty babes? Well, take a look for yourself:


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