Sheepshead Sex Shop Changes Window Display Again

Revealing photos like this once decorated the display's back wall

KamaSutra, the 1717 Sheepshead Bay Road “sex shop” that hawks toys, lingerie and smoking paraphernalia, has once again toned down its window display.

The store’s owner was confronted by neighbors and local politicians when it opened last month because of the provocative display that included photos of women in see-through body stocking and penis-shaped objects. They made minor changes in the face of controversy, primarily removing bongs from the display but leaving some more prurient items.

Their latest change is a major clean-up, removing many of the scantily clad photos of buxom babes from the back wall, and replacing it with a reflective foil.

But the changes appear to be their personal preference, and not a concession to outraged neighbors. When we called to ask, an employee said their was no particular reason for the alteration.