Bold Renderings Revealed For Sheepshead Bay Building

A rendering for the proposed multi-use building at Avenue z and East 16th Street in Sheepshead Bay (Via Citiscape Architectural Consulting)

SHEEPSHEAD BAY – A bold new design for the corner of Avenue Z and East 16th Street has been revealed, showing a towering, geometric new mixed-use structure that incorporates green technology.

The sixteen-story new development will house a long-term care facility, reports YIMBY, with a facade that includes green material for CO2 cleaning, as well as a rainwater retention system on the roof.

Of course, there will be ground-floor retail space as well, and the 188-foot tall building will create almost 80 new apartments, with open terraces on the third and eleventh floors, as well as on the green rooftop.

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An aerial view of the center, looking southwest (Via Citiscape Architectural Consulting)

Designed by Citiscape Architectural Consulting, the facility will feature a curtain wall of hexagonal panels rising above the elevated B/Q lines just north of the Sheepshead Bay station.

Building permits have been filed, and construction could start relatively soon, so long as the permits are approved. The building will slip into a last sliver of green space next to the subway tracks.

An aerial view of where the new tower will rise on Avenue Z (Screenshot via Google Maps)

The striking design for the senior center isn’t the only bit of avant-garde architecture being proposed for such facilities in Brooklyn—famed architect Daniel Libeskind’s studio has proposed another Modernist development for the Sumner Senior Housing project in Bed-Stuy, too.

Note: This post has been updated with a new screenshot that accurately reflects the location of the new building on the south side of Avenue Z.

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  1. Something wrong wit the lot or the design, because they don’t show the same location. The parking lot is the North side of Ave Z. The rendering is looking South. The out shown in the Rendering is where the auto lease, kids clothing and dentist retails spaces are now. Either Cityscape doesn’t know where the building is supposed to be or it not being done on the parking lot.

  2. There are new buildings in every available spot in Brooklyn,but not parking lots for people,in my neighborhood people parking cars on pedestrian crossings and fire hydrants,elderly and disable people can`t find a parking spot,nobody cares about it.

  3. Hey – wait a minute. You need to take a look in your sheepsheadbites archives. That parking lot was set up to satisfy parking requirements for other buildings in the neighborhood that were built without the required parking spots. (One building that comes to mind immediately is the building at the intersection of Sheepshead Bay Road with Ave Z) Will those spots be incorporated into the new building’s design or will they simply disappear? Does this building have the required number of parking spaces?

    Before the lot was a parking lot it was a gas station. If I remember correctly, the land was contaminated from leaky fuel tanks. Was that ever remedied?

    There’s a hell of a lot more to this story than what appears here.

  4. “Either Cityscape doesn’t know where the building is supposed to be or it not being done on the parking lot.”

    The rendering shows the correct location on the south side of Ave. Z – a narrow space along tracks between Ave. Z and Sheepshead Bay Rd.
    What is wrong here is the “Screenshot via Google Maps” – it shows the north side of Ave. Z, instead of the South side.

  5. Ugly ass overbuilt crap.

    There is no provision for parking in a neighborhood that is still auto-oriented.

    The city cannot wait to ruin southern Brooklyn.

  6. I see the “Screenshot via Google Maps” is updated with the aerial view of the correct location.
    Now everything looks right in the article


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