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Sheepshead Residents Still Want Bulk Sandy Debris Pickups

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The Department of Sanitation (DSNY) stopped hauling away large debris and garbage resulting from Superstorm Sandy on March 18, roughly five months after the storm paralyzed the East Coast. Despite the extra months of work, valiant Sanitation workers put in by trucking away huge pieces of junk from people’s battered homes, residents in the area are still in need of their services, according to Brooklyn Daily.

So far, DSNY has carted away a staggering 430,000 tons of Sandy-related debris. According to Assemblywoman Helene Weinstein and Councilman Lew Fidler, residents are still in desperate need of pickups because they cannot afford expensive private garbage haulers to take away their debris as construction continues.

Sheepshead Bay resident Kathleen Flynn expressed her frustration at the situation.

“We don’t own anything anymore, only the garbage we’re trying to throw out, and now they’re telling us we have to pay to get rid of it.”

Michael Taylor, the founder of Gerritsen Beach Cares, spoke of the consequences of debris that doesn’t get collected.

“I have friends who have stuff in their basement that’s full of mold, and but [sic] he won’t get rid of because he doesn’t have the money to afford a dumpster [sic].”

Fidler promised residents that he and Weinstein will do everything they can to get the DSNY to initiate another round of debris pickups.

“My office and assemblywoman Weinstein’s office reached out to [Sanitation] to continue extra pick-up services. We do not view the rebuilding to be done, the demolition to be done, nor the crisis to be over,” Fidler told Brooklyn Daily.

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  1. They did initially.

    I put out 2 large bags of debris garbage. They didn’t pick it up. I put it 2 more. They still didn’t take it. When it rose to 8 bags, they left a note saying, I put out too much and they won’t take it. This is the last of it. So I had to haul 6 bags back and can only put out two at a time. Besides not wanting construction debris, hey also told us they won’t take bushes and shrub either which people are first now throwing out because we count tell until Spring what was dead and what wasn’t.

  2. UM, don’t you still have to throw your stuff on the curb, OUTSIDE of your fence for sanitation to pick up- inside of your property is, well- YOUR stuff!! They carted off load after load that we put out on our block and we all are very thankful to them for a job well done! Sanitation did a GREAT job- BROVO!!


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