Sheepshead Home To State's Biggest Tax Crook

You would’ve thought the state’s biggest tax debtor would’ve been a mansion-owning CEO living in Garden City or the Hamptons. But no, the biggest bilking sleazebag lives right here in Sheepshead Bay, in a very unassuming home on Montauk Court.

Courier-Life reports:

Irving Bilzinsky, a proud son of the borough of churches, was named the state tax department’s enemy number one.
Bilzinsky, a resident of Montauk Court in Sheepshead Bay and the former owner of the Scores strip club in Manhattan, owes over $15 million in back taxes between 2007 and 2009, according to a list of New York’s top 250 delinquent tax payers that was made public for the first time last week in a new shame campaign to recoup unpaid taxes.
Bilzinsky and Scores went bankrupt back in 1998. The taxes he owes are his individually, as well as back taxes from his popular flesh flashing joint never paid, officials said. Attempts to reach Bilzinsky were unsuccessful as this paper went to press.