Sheepshead Home Raided, Guns & Drugs Seized

Courtesy of Daily News

Police raided a Gravesend home on Friday night, arresting four people and seizing 30 guns, nine knives, and a stash of drugs.

Husband and wife Thomas Siano and Kathleen Siano, along with their 29-year-old son Vincent Siano and family friend Michael Poole, were charged with criminal possession of weapons.

Their home on West Street near Avenue X was packed with 10 handguns, nine shotguns, nine rifles, two assault rifles and a large quantity of ammunition, police said. Officers also recovered a collection of unusual blades, including an umbrella with a knife hidden in the handle. But the stockpile is suspected to be the illegal collection of an enthusiast, not an armory for a violent venture, police said.

Dozens of pills were also seized, but officials do not believe the family was selling them.

By Sunday, charges were dropped against Poole. He later appeared in court to defend his family friends and landlord, saying that the guns were heirlooms given by Thomas Siano’s grandfather and uncle, and stored in the attic. He also said the drugs – Prozac, Paxil, and Xanax – were all legally required.

Neighbors said other than a few loud fights at the home that required police to break it up, the Sianos and Poole were good neighbors.

“They were really nice people,” neighbor Rosemarie Parascando told the Daily News. “Harmless. Strange but harmless.”


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