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Sheepshead Home Raided, Guns & Drugs Seized

Courtesy of Daily News

Police raided a Gravesend home on Friday night, arresting four people and seizing 30 guns, nine knives, and a stash of drugs.

Husband and wife Thomas Siano and Kathleen Siano, along with their 29-year-old son Vincent Siano and family friend Michael Poole, were charged with criminal possession of weapons.

Their home on West Street near Avenue X was packed with 10 handguns, nine shotguns, nine rifles, two assault rifles and a large quantity of ammunition, police said. Officers also recovered a collection of unusual blades, including an umbrella with a knife hidden in the handle. But the stockpile is suspected to be the illegal collection of an enthusiast, not an armory for a violent venture, police said.

Dozens of pills were also seized, but officials do not believe the family was selling them.

By Sunday, charges were dropped against Poole. He later appeared in court to defend his family friends and landlord, saying that the guns were heirlooms given by Thomas Siano’s grandfather and uncle, and stored in the attic. He also said the drugs – Prozac, Paxil, and Xanax – were all legally required.

Neighbors said other than a few loud fights at the home that required police to break it up, the Sianos and Poole were good neighbors.

“They were really nice people,” neighbor Rosemarie Parascando told the Daily News. “Harmless. Strange but harmless.”

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  1. what i want to know is what made the cops look into this in the first place from all the articles on this it doesn't mention that anywhere. they are all hunting and antiques. i don't know all the details but it doesn't look like these guns were going to be used for a drug war on the streets of brooklyn. why are the papers making such a big deal about this being across from a school would the news be any different if it happened around the corner or 1 block over or is it some dramatic headline to sell papers. does anyone still read news on paper?

  2. i mentioned this at the meetup, surprised its only come up today.
    This happened on my block, and i know the Sianos, though not well, in passing. Most of our block is friendly and we all talk to one another.

    According to the reporters from WPIX and NY1 that interviewed a few people from our block, one of the parents from the school tipped the police off to a drug deal involving the people from that house. It's possible. My wife teaches there, and we live a few doors down. Often enough there is a group hanging out front of the house smoking and drinking. But we all know that nothing would have happened with this family and those weapons.
    They are mostly inherited from the father, uncle and grandfather who used to hunt.
    The pills i dont know about.
    this was made into a bigger deal than it actually is. Timothy McVeigh or terrorists they are not.

  3. Allan, I took the notes and was about to post it, but there was no internet access in the building. It had to wait for Ned. Then, I don't think he could read my scribble.

  4. Allan, thanks for mentioning it at the meetup. Sorry you didn't have a chance to tell me directly. But the reason it didn't get up until now is that we had a very busy weekend – and quite frankly we just couldn't be there to cover it. This morning was the first chance we had to write about it, and that's why it got up.

    The thing about the parents from the school tipping off the police – it still doesn't sound right. The police had a warrant, so I'd think they'd have something more concrete to go on. Perhaps they got the tip and then observed the house for a few days? Who knows… the police sure aren't saying anything.

  5. i hear ya. i wanted to help with the internet thing, but my phone died that morning, and was only replaced that night.

    for what it's worth, the police are at that house often enough. i am not familiar with the law in this regard, but if they have had priors, is it possible a tip is enough for a warrant, especially considering proximity to a school?

    on a side note, for the future: i'd like to recommend Tether ( As someone who travels often for business, it's a lifesaver on the road when there is no other internet connection. had my phone been alive, i would have offered it to you. contact me directly if you'd like more info on it.

  6. somebody got arrested and ratted them out. also it doesnt say in the newspapers that any of the guns were not registered. having a hunting rifle and an illegal handgun in a house is a totally different charge.

  7. Of course the police aren't saying anything…they'd have to explain to the whole neighborhood what the warrant stated and how they obtained it…given the fact that NY is trying to make it so that NY residents can't even own guns anymore, this is just another case of media extravaganza for the whole purpose of demonizing citizens who own guns, even if they're owned legally.

  8. Since when is possession of rifles against the law. I know about registering guns, which under Guliani has become prohibitive economically, what about the constitution?

  9. Since when is possession of rifles against the law. I know about registering guns, which under Guliani has become prohibitive economically, what about the constitution?

  10. […] In 2010, we reported on the initial police raid of the Siano home which is located on West Street near Avenue X. At the time, cops foundĀ 10 handguns, nine shotguns, nine rifles, two assault rifles and a large quantity of ammunition. Also found in the collection were crossbows and various knives, including a blade hidden in an umbrella. The Siano’s maintained that most of the weapons were unused heirlooms passed down from their grandfather and uncle, who were avid hunters. […]


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