Sheepshead Firefighter In Running For Mr. Cyclone

Miss Cyclone Angie Pontani - Source:

Sheepshead Bay is moving in on Coney Island territory, as a local retired firefighter is one of 21 semifinalists tapped in the first ever Mr. Cyclone competition.

The Mr. Cyclone Pageant is set for Saturday, August 7, in front of the Cyclone Roller Coaster in Coney Island. After riding the Cyclone with Miss Cyclone Angie Pontani, contestants will be judged in the following categories: Coney Island Wits, Talent, Style and Romance. In the Strength & Endurance category, contestants will carry a five-pound greased watermelon through an obstacle course while fetching a hot dog and a beer. Now those are skills every man needs…

But before all that, Sheepshead Bay’s rep, Mark Medina, along with the 21 other contestants will be whittled down to seven by a public online vote.

Medina has gotten this far by making some sound decision, such as choosing the Cyclone as the backdrop for his shirtless photo shoot as Mr. December in the FDNY’s 2008 calendar.

“There’s nothing like the Cyclone,” he told the Daily News. “You hear the wooden boards, ‘Clickety clack, clickety clack,’ and it adds that much more to the thrill.”

The winner of The Mr. Cyclone pageant will take part in the 2011 opening day ceremonies, the Mermaid Parade, receive a season pass to the Cyclone Roller Coaster for 2010 and throw out an opening pitch at a select Cyclones game.

Also in the running is Gerritsen Beach resident Erik Knapp, who told the Daily News that he rode the Cyclone more than 1,000 times and has a tattoo of the legendary roller coaster on his arm.