Sheepshead Entrepreneur Offers Groundbreaking Fitness System (Sponsored)

Aylio Fitness founder Max Krishtul

This is a sponsored post for Aylio Fitness, a fitness system based on resistance bands and developed by a Sheepshead Bay native.

Are you fed up with local gyms? Do you find them overcrowded, overpriced and downright disgusting?

Local entrepreneur and fitness enthusiast Max Krishtul felt this way for many years and noticed that it was a common theme among fellow Sheepshead Bay residents. Backed by an extensive knowledge of fitness, Max took it upon himself to offer people a better solution for staying fit, healthy and happy.

In April 2008, he founded Aylio Fitness and introduced the Aylio resistance band system, which allows users to get into the best shape of their lives from the comfort of their home or office.

Three years later, this system is a fitness craze worldwide with sales booming and phenomenal customer reviews pouring in from across the globe. Whether your fitness goals are to lose weight, tone your body, gain lean muscle mass, or even to rehabilitate after an injury or surgery, this unique resistance training set does it all. Best of all, starting at $39.99, this equipment is often priced lower than a single session with a personal trainer and allows Aylio customers to finally cancel that costly gym membership with no regrets.

Aylio prides itself on using only the highest quality components for their bands to ensure proper elasticity and durability. Moreover, the company has been constantly improving their products based on years of vigorous testing and customer feedback. However, the main appeal of the Aylio bands is that the system allows users to perform over 100 body-sculpting exercises and targets every muscle group in the body. Users can recreate practically any exercise that they would perform at the gym and often report getting better results than they ever did with their gym routine. Aylio sets include a workout manual and optional DVD demonstrating the 101 exercises you can perform. See the video below demonstrating how the system incorporates a door anchor and ankle straps to help create the diverse routine. You can also view some examples of these resistance band exercises on the Aylio website plus 100 additional workout videos on their YouTube channel.

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The Aylio resistance bands system is ideal for everyone regardless of age or gender. It can be used by people of all fitness levels, from beginners to professional athletes or bodybuilders. The bands offer various levels of resistance between seven pounds and 40 pounds, which allow beginners the option to start off light and work their way up. More advanced users can even clip on multiple bands to the handles or ankle straps simultaneously to stack together additional resistance of up to 166 pounds.

Aylio is currently expanding their product line with additional sporting goods. These products make for great birthday or holiday gifts. To save on shipping costs by arranging local pickup in Sheepshead Bay, you may contact Max Krishtul directly on Facebook or email him at Don’t travel through rain, snow and sleet this winter just to get a workout. Start working out smarter, not harder, with the Aylio resistance training system!

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