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Sheepshead Bites Named Best Local Blog


L Magazine must have known we needed some lettered love. The publication of the city’s uber-hip took a rare look down under (ie. below Park Slope) in a search for the borough’s best local blog. And what they found is that Sheepshead Bites is hard at work bringing you original reporting about one of the city’s most under-appreciated neighborhoods.

In their “Best of Brooklyn (and Manhattan Too)” feature, the magazine singled out Sheepshead Bites as the “Best Local Blogger.” They wrote:

You wouldn’t think you’d care what was happening way the hell out in Sheepshead Bay, but Ned Berke’s tireless reportage at Sheepshead Bites is endlessly fascinating—a mysterious dead body washed ashore? Racist Tea Partiers want to stop a mosque? Rest assured, his blog isn’t just links to Courier Life stories—the one-time journalism student is on the scene, snapping pictures and interviewing witnesses, when he’s not collecting tips and photos from readers.

Well, I’d love to take all the credit, but Sheepshead Bites isn’t just a one-man band. I’ve got to thank Ray Johnson, Samantha LoSapio, Rachel Vasilets, Daniel Gershburg, Joseph Reisman, Arthur Borko, Erica Sherman, Ariela Baranova and all the countless tipsters who help keep this site so rich with content.

Now, there’s no cash reward or champagne-fueled party to go along with the title. In fact, no one from L Magazine even notified us (that came by way of Facebook reader Kathleen L.). It’s all good, though. I’m appreciative because it gives me the chance to once again say thank you – not just to the writers – but to all you awesome readers who keep this site going and constantly evangelize the blog and the neighborhood. Keep it up!

Now… back to work…

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  1. You and this have convinced me, I change my mind, you should get paid for what you do for all of us with this blog.

  2. You do a great job, and a great service to a community that would otherwise be completely bereft of local news.

  3. I recognized your talent the first time I used your site. I was even interested in meeting the editor in person. We have met on more than one occasion. I expected an older person with not much to do. I saw a much younger person with plenty of energy and drive to bring real journalism to the local seen. I am, an older than you person, but I rely on this “journaL” first and foremost for my information here and elsewhere.

  4. Let's hope the hipsters don't decide that Sheepshead Bay is trendy and “real” and a good place to live.

    But you've gotten the recognition you deserve.

  5. Congratulations to Ned & everyone at Sheepsheadbites who brings us up to the minute happings in our neighborhood & beyond. This is a well deserved honor.
    Great work.

  6. A well-deserved honor and appropriate recognition. I’m prviliged to be allowed to contribute. YOU da man, Ned!


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