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Sheepshead Bites Introduces Dynamic, Editable Ads


Towne Cafe’s editable ad

Sheepshead Bites is proud to introduce a new advertising option that gives our business supporters an immediate, effective way to keep our readers informed: dynamic ads that businesses can update by simply sending a text message, Facebook post or Twitter update.

The Towne Cafe, Sheepshead Bay’s oldest bar at 1418 Avenue Z, became the first business to use the technology, launching their ad this past Friday.

Towne is under new management, and co-owner Lee Morgan is looking to turn the bar around and make it a landmark destination for the community. To that end, Morgan and Towne Cafe now host daily events, with live music, karaoke and DJs almost every night of the week. Morgan, a long-time patron of the pub who wanted to bring back some of the bar’s old charm, will use our new editable ads to tell readers about events, specials and future developments at the business.

We had a great time showing Morgan how simple the tech is to use. All we did was save a phone number into his phone to which he sends a text message, and the text of the ad automatically changes. During the demo, an excited Morgan took our iPad and showed off the new ad to some of the bar’s patrons.

“This is incredible. It’s like magic,” said Morgan.

The text of the ad can also be changed by picking up on a businesses’ Facebook or Twitter updates (and even narrowed down, using a hashtag), or automatically from an RSS feed for businesses with a blog. It can also be configured to automatically update photos within an ad.

The technology has a small monthly charge, and advertisers can update their ads as frequently as they like.

Readers: keep an eye on the ads in our sidebar to learn about events and promotions from local businesses using this technology!

Advertisers: if you’d like to sign up to use this new feature, just e-mail advertising [at] sheepsheadbites [dot] com or call (347) 985-0633.

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  1. I for one applaud this new marketing possibility as I believe it will create more business for the target in question. Spam Bot deactivate.

  2. So do I, and NoScript but I disable them on sites I want to support and that provide interesting content such as sheepsheadbites and reddit.

  3. Thank you, LennyM. Do remember that on Sheepshead Bites our ads are local, which means they’re actually relevant content – as opposed to big, broad outlets churning out the same McDonald’s ad you’ve seen over and over again.

    And, for those of you that still don’t want to see the ads, well, even though there are ways for sites like ours to “bust” adblock, we respect your decision. We just hope you change your mind. 😉

  4. Wait so no more 35+ men?? WOAH We have a bar in Sheepshead that isn’t wheelers? NO WAY

  5. Why is the ad for the “UFC Gym Free Class” is above the name of your web site and even in much bigger font?
    I’m confused…


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