Sheepshead Bay’s New Flowers: Pretty Blue Plastic Garbage Bags

apt bldg ocean ave 4 blue garbage bags

The garbage situation is growing larger around Sheepshead Bay — so much so, that maintenance people at this apartment building on Ocean Avenue (near Gravesend Neck Road) have put up four large garbage bags along the stretch of the front fence.

We’re thinking that the regular black garbage bags are just not bright enough for the polluters to spot. These bright blue bags will be hard to miss, though.

It used to be that the front of a building was dressed up for aesthetics with pretty flowers and shrubbery. In the modern day of excess packaging and people generating so much garbage in the form of empty bottles, coffee cups, and other junk, there is just not enough place to discard this stuff. There was a time, when most people just tucked the errant candy wrapper or chewed up gum and placed it in their pocket where they would discard it at  home. Yes, people, I said home! Nowadays, without even a glimmer of guilt, many people just dump the excess weight onto the sidewalk, leaving a trail of debris behind them.

Sheepshead Bay needs to rediscover its roots, when people cared about the cleanliness of the environment. I’m sure you old-timers will know what we’re talking about, here.