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Sheepshead Bay's Martha Stewart Of Dog Poop


How to Provide a Public Service Sheepshead Bay-style

Step one: Use everyday household items to fashion a useful, affordable solution.

Step two: Deface and damage a public utility pole.

Step three: Make sure the neighborhood children learn Brooklynese.

Photo contributor Erica Sherman sent us this nugget late last week. It was taken on Ford Street between Avenue Z and Voorhies Avenue, “a block that is also home to a number of stray cats and the occasional raccoon.”

She adds, “Across the street, where there is a vacant lot, everyone takes their dogs to shit, but no one ever picks it up, so it is a veritable landmine of dog crap. Really disgusting.”

Would you do this on your block?

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  1. I have this problem on my block too. When I catch someone not picking up, I ask them if they need a bag – this usually shames them into picking it up – at least that time. When I find out who the repeat offenders are, I learn where they live, and dump my dogs poop in front of their homes. This method usually takes two or three servings till they get the message – but eventually they do!

  2. I gotta admit, if there was an empty lot, or one where construction had stalled on my block I’d leave my dogs shit there without picking it up as well. I’d never do so on the sidewalk or in front of a neighbors home, but an empty lot is just asking for a pile of shit if you ask me.

    Then again I don’t have a dog….

  3. hahahahaha!!!!

    Last time someone left dog shit in front of my house got a bb to the dog ass!! they started walking away… i capped the dog in the rear leaving the dog to run at light speed away from the owner.

    haven’t had any problems on our block since then.

  4. Some people just don’t care – they think that grass is a place to let their dog shit and leave it there. So tired of telling people not to walk their dog on the grass on the side of my house. All I hear from them is – its the city’s property, I can do what I want
    Does anyone have respect for other people’s property anymore? How disgusting is it to walk along a sidewalk with shit just sitting there – If you have dog you should clean up after it or even better walk it in front of your own home.

  5. I should probably clarify: The lot on Ford Street is not exactly vacant so much as it is fenced off, and there is only one house on that side of Ford Street. Contiguous to the lot is a construction site, owned, I should add, by a very likable guy.

    A lot of stray cats tend to procreate and multiply in this area, weeds grow wildly out of control, some people put out food for the cats, and since nobody really lives on that side of the block (as I mentioned earlier), people just take liberties and let their dogs go to the bathroom there, figuring, well, “No one lives here, so it is OK.”

    It’s really not OK.

    People park their cars on that side of the street and those who exit on the passenger side routinely find the sole of their shoe covered in a nice, warm glop of freshly-made poop. It’s not cool. It’s filthy, smells unbelievably foul, impinges on the quality of life on an otherwise placid and lovely block, and shows what little regard some people have for their neighbors.

    I recently dog sat for a few weeks, always brought a wad of paper towel and a plastic bag out with me, because I know I would feel terrible if I left his “present” there for someone else to step in. Or was yelled at about it.

    Yeah, it’s a funny photo, but it’s really quite a sad commentary. I think we are better than that, and should make a concerted effort to care a little bit more about our neighbors and our community.

    [/steps off of soapbox]

  6. Sounds like a good solution if you leave it in the center of one of their steps. Quite noticeable there, and there is the possibly that a mindless occupant might get the point in the best way possible. On the sidewalk, an innocent passerby might be picking up an unwanted present.

  7. That would be trespassing. I leave the poop right outside the entrance to their property – there is no way around it! Works like a charm.


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