The Damage So Far

Courtesy of nolastname

We’re getting a lot of crazy reports here. Among them:

  • Power lines are down in spots all across Sheepshead Bay, Marine Park, and surrounding neighborhoods.
  • Gerritsen Avenue is “gone” under water.
  • Sheepshead Bay – the bay itself – is overflowing. The footbridge is underwater and the Holocaust Memorial is being pounded by waves.
  • There’s an all-hands fire on Hampton Avenue in Manhattan Beach.
  • There’s a partial collapse at MacKenzie Street and Oriental Boulevard in Manhattan Beach.
  • The sign at the Golden Gate Inn has collapsed.
  • The sign at the gas station on East 17th Street and Avenue Y has fallen.
  • Aluminum siding and yard fencing has been stripped away.
  • The Bank of America property fence on Avenue Z and East 13th Street is falling into an adjacent property.
  • Power line down on East 17th Street and Avenue Z, putting on a fireworks display.
  • “A huge backyard gym set came flying down Ave Z and got wedged btwn and parking meter and a fence.”
  • We’ve also heard that the boat from before was swept up over the guardrail, onto the sidewalk (which is a ~foot underwater), and then back into the water!

Crazy stuff, people. Add your reports in the comments section. Please – today, tonight, tomorrow – send us photos of the damage! You can send them to nberke [at] or upload them to Facebook and tag them “Sheepshead Bites”.


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