Sheepshead Bay: Sinkhole Hell

An enormous sinkhole roughly three feet wide and at least four feet deep continues to plague residents of Hubbard Street, who say they’ve been complaining to the city since May.

“When a small child or a passenger falls in, it will be too late,” neighbor Frank M. wrote to us in September. “After eight (8) notifications since may 2010 to 311, 911,assemblyman and small vehicle that reports holes. Not ONE THING has been done.”

The sinkhole is on Hubbard Street between Avenue Z and Shore Parkway, which is now part of the detour route for the Belt Parkway westbound entrance ramp while work continues on the Guider Avenue / East 8th Street bridge.

The sinkhole today.

Since his letter last month, Frank M. tells us there’s been some progress, but hardly enough to ensure the safety of neighbors.

“The fire department came last week and filled it with dirt bags and left, that’s about it,” he said. And the hole has grown larger around, as chunks of concrete from the sidewalk fall into the gaping asphalt.

But Hubbard Street is not alone. We’ve noticed a number of streets in the neighborhood that are pocked by similar sinkholes and large potholes, especially around manholes and storm drains. East 16th Street, from Avenue U to Avenue Z, seems to be one of the worst, with over a dozen holes the size of a softball or larger, and whose surfaces hang precariously over hollowed chambers. Neighbors tell me these have been reported as well.

So let’s get a running – and public – list going. Do you know of any large potholes or sinkholes on your block? Add it in the comments section.