Southern Brooklyn

Sheepshead Bay Road Gets Cleaned!

Source: Department of Sanitation

Garbage Gazette: Following our report of garbage being left along Sheepshead Bay Road by Sanitation Department workers – who emptied some trash bins, left others, and failed to clean any of the areas around the cans – a second cleaning was done yesterday.

The Sanitation Department responded to one of our readers’ concerns by notifying them of the follow-up cleaning yesterday morning, even sending photos to prove the deed was done. The department’s customer service team also noted that the Borough Chief is reviewing the servicing of baskets in our area.

We’ve also heard whispers that the local garage – which no longer has a basket pickup truck or a power washer of its own – will be borrowing a power washer to scrub the sidewalks along the commercial strip. We are awaiting confirmation from the Sanitation Department.

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  1. Harrrrray.  No more garbage.  Now if we could get the police wagon to come scoop up the drunks and winos we’d really have something of a decent street over there. 

  2. Maybe the “shop owners” can also break down and start cleaning up in front of their cell phone and sushi restaurants.

  3. ok, good,  but how long will  this last…. been living in the bay 28 years, and for 28 years sheepshead bay road has been dirty……

  4. The next time this happens and i’m passing by, i may run into the 99c store, buy some gloves, and put the crap in the baskets myself. I can’t take it anymore. Then again, I’ll probably get beat up by sanitation dept thugs.

  5. WOW this is something else lets see how long this is going to last. A while back this was done once before with the cleaning and emptying the garbage.  I will pass there on a daily basis lets see what happens over the weekend.  I might just stand there and see if people use the trash can for a while. 

  6. Between the photos, 311 and phone calls to pols…. well, keep it up and Sheepshead Bay residents might have a chance of clean neighborhood.  


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