Sheepshead Bay Restaurants Take On The Village Voice

Tonight the Village Voice is hosting its annual Choice Eats tasting event at the 69th Armory on Lexington Avenue in Manhattan.

Choice Eats is the foodie United Nations, featuring more than 50 restaurants from across the city – literally – and food from more than 35 nations, including Vietnam, Italy, Uzbekistan, Brazil, Cambodia, Russia, Tunisia, Peru and Cajun/Creole cuisine.

And it all reflects the mobility of one of New York City’s finest gastronomes, Village Voice food critic Robert Sietsema, who escapes Manhattan and Northern Brooklyn’s over-rated restaurant circuit more than most. Choice Eats is Sietsema’s baby, and he hand picks each participant. This year he’s chosen three Sheepshead Bay restaurants for the event: Café Glechik, Coney Island Taste and Marmaris Restaurant.

Nice picks. All of them are unique and all represent Sheepshead Bay well. It’s about time that Sheepshead Bay restaurants get the respect they deserve.

You can still buy tickets to Choice Eats for $45 per person which gets you entry into the event and tastings from all 50-plus restaurants.

So now that Sheepshead Bay is on the “foodie” map, what restaurant do you think Sietsema and his followers should check out next? Let us know!