Sheepshead Bay Resident Launches 24/7 UFO Hotline

Oh, look! There's one!

It’ll be dark soon, and they mostly come at night… mostly.”

But then, if they do come, at least we finally have someone to call: Sheepshead Bay resident and UFO witness advocate Joe Capp.

The retired computer consultant and occasional Sheepshead Bites commenter who, on his website, UFO Media Matters, champions “for the UFO witnesses to be treated fairly and with respect,” has initiated a 24/7 hotline for those who wish to confidentially report their sightings or any paranormal activity they may have witnessed, according to a report in the New York Post.

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And while so far there have been no documented reports (that we know of) of Andromedans packing Illudiom Pew-36 Explosive Space modulators, or even slovenly green ghouls waiting to slime their unsuspecting victims, the 68-year-old Capp has been alerted to close to two dozen sightings throughout New York City since phone lines opened in February.

Hey, if there’s something strange in your neighborhood, at least now you know who to call. And maybe… just maybe… we can now finally get to the bottom of what that “small orange/red colored light dot in the Eastern sky” hovering over Nostrand Avenue, near Avenue X on February 1, 1998, actually was.

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  1. I have been seeing UFOs for the last couple of weeks and they all look like helicopters. Every time i try to take a picture it comes out blurry like they are traveling at a freakish speed.

  2. I have been seeing UFOs for the last couple of weeks and they all look like helicopters. Every time i try to take a picture it comes out blurry like they are traveling at a freakish speed.

  3. Try increasing your shutter speed. They cannot possibly go faster than 1/4000th of a second, right? Is it at night?

  4. How the hell am I suppose to see UFO with so much light pollution around? I have been struggling to see Jupiter which we suppose to see now with a naked eye btw.

    Also can we stop with UFO bullshit? Their are no green men and no they will not prob you anally no matter how much you really want them to.

    The only aliens that I want to see is the illegal kind. Them lovely creatures make sure that I’m fed well, my hotel rooms are clean and veggies stay cheap and they will do it gladly for a dance and a song. Green aliens…the only thing that should be green about them is that green card that they really want.

  5. Great, more crazy people in Sheepshead Bay. On the bright side, at least crazy UFO people don’t seem like the type to hurt anyone. To infinity and beyond!

  6. And if anyone tells you they Seen Heaven, They probably got really good Drugs… cause that shit is Whack.

  7. Thats not true, i remember stuff from when i was 5, Like i remember the first time i touched a Vag. i was 5 in Kindergarten…… Yea……….Good Ukrainin Times….

    I think i remember that, cause it was an IMPACTFUL thing in my life… LOL

  8. As studies consistently show, human beings overrate themselves. Society as a whole thinks at any point of time that “we know it all”, “we know better than anyone before”, and “nobody will improve on what we know”. You see this in all walks of life. 82% think they’re above average drivers…. everyone thinks that they and they alone will find that winning stock and become a millionaire (the actual statistic is that the average investor very badly trails the averages).

    Where am I going on this and why do I ramble here about this? Because mocking UFO’s might just be another such example. Of course close to 100% of the people running around saying they were visited by an alien, or were abducted, or even saw a UFO, are either crazy, publicity hounds, or just mistaken. Note I said close to 100%

    I used to read UFO books by a guy named Frank Edwards in the 60’s, among other books on the subject. Before you make fun of anything like this, I urge you to read something about it.

    Do I believe in UFO’s? After all that reading, I’m just not sure. But I do know that reputable pilots/astronauts, and others have seen things that absolutely cannot be explained. And I do not dismiss them with the usual human ego.


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