Sheepshead Bay Post Office Building Damaged in Fire

Sheepshead Bay Post Office Building Damaged in Fire
Sheepshead Post Office building on fire. Photo via Citizen

The fire on the second floor of the building where the Sheepshead Bay branch of the USPS is located at 2628 E 18th St started on Friday morning.

The report of a fire came in at 7 am on February 12, and 12 FDNY units with 60 members arrived on the scene and spent the next hour putting the flames out. No one was injured in the fire.

FDNY respond to the scene. Photo via Citizen

As of Monday, the Post Office is still assessing its damages, said Amy Gibbs, Strategic Communications Specialist for USPS. USPS has no operations on the second floor that is rented out to other organizations.

The package room of the post office that serves 11235 Zipcode was unharmed, however, the lobby and retail services are closed due to water and debris from the fire and there is as of yet no set date of when it will reopen. Before the lobby can reopen, the post office has to make sure that it is structurally sound, and has internet access, said Gibbs, who was uncertain of when that will be.

All packages that would be delivered to the post office are being redirected to the Homecrest Post Office at 2302 Ave U, from where they will be delivered to 11235 residents. The half days mail that was delivered before the fire will remain in the post office until it is safe for workers to retrieve it, said Gibbs.

The cause of the fire remains under investigation.