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Storobin Urges Bloomberg To Reexamine Voorhies Mosque

Mosque construction in February. (Photo by nolastname.)

State Senator David Storobin sent a letter to Mayor Michael Bloomberg, urging the city to reexamine alleged zoning issues surrounding the planned Islamic mosque and community center at 2812 Voorhies Avenue.

Storobin sent the letter on June 28, saying that planners failed to provide parking, and will cause traffic and parking issues in the residential area.

The proposed community facility will be able to accomodate up 1,500 people a day, but not a single parking spot has been allocated for this construction. Many residents believe that the traffic will negatively affect both drivers and pedestrians living in the area and this may pose a danger to public safety.

Department of Buildings documents from June 2011 show that the structure is meant to accommodate approximately 200 people at a time, though opponents from Bay People say 200 to 300 people will be at the location during each of its five prayer times – suggesting that it could have as many as 1,500 visitors a day.

The construction has already seen intense scrutiny from the Department of Buildings and city officials, who doled out thousands of dollars in fines and even issued Stop Work Orders on the property. But, though problems in construction have been found, the city’s Board of Standards and Appeals thwarted opponents, finding that the plans do not violate zoning regulations. The courts have also sided with the mosque’s organizers, throwing out a lawsuit filed by Bay People to halt construction.

Storobin closed his letter by stoking suspicions against the mosque’s backers, the Muslim American Society:

The residents are also concerned with who is backing this construction, saying that there is evidence that MAS (Muslim American Society), the organization that is in charge of overlooking the project, has links to radical organizations, and been under numerous investigations by federal authorities due to their alleged support for Hamas and Hezbollah. Both are listed by the U.S. State Department as terrorist organizations.

The FBI has previously said the agency has “no indication whatsoever the Muslim American Society is affiliated with any organization that threatens our national security.”

It’s a curious way to close the letter, as Bay People, the group of neighbors opposed to the mosque’s construction, has itself toned down their rhetoric regarding the potential of a “security risk” or terrorist threat from the mosque.

As opposition ramped up, members of the group espoused anti-Muslim rhetoric, attracting to their rallies sideshow speakers from the Brooklyn Tea Party and anti-Islam crusaders like Pamela Geller.

But in their latest report to members, issued in June, all mentions of security concerns that previously littered their reports and fliers have been washed away, and the group has narrowly focused its arguments on zoning matters.

Senator Storobin’s letter to Mayor Bloomberg:

NYS Senator Storobin Writes To Bloomberg Opposing Mosque

Bay People’s latest report to members:

Bay People, June 2012 Report

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  1. Are you fuckin serious……….

    There are Russian Jewish people living in nyc barely supporting themselves out there and this human degrading asshat is  wasting everyone’s time on this shit…..

    i hope who ever voted for him knows how much shit they just stepped into.  kinda like when bush got elected.

  2. Anyone who thinks parking is not an issue, does not live in the area. 
    I’m a Muslim. When I pray, I double park my car. Most of us double park the cars for prayer services. The area will have double blocked cars and blocked driveways during events. And the police will do nothing about it. 

    Happy Ramadan. 
    (It was) the month of Ramadan in which was revealed the Qur’aan, a guidance for mankind and clear proofs for the guidance and the criterion (between right and wrong). So whoever of you sights (the crescent on the first night of) the month (of Ramadan i.e. is present at his home), he must observe Sawm (fasts) that month…” 

    Storobin can’t do anything about it. I’ll still vote for Storobin. He is all talk , no action. 

  3. Than why vote for him?  Why not elect somebody who will actually do something for comunity istead of only talk?

  4. we should get Cops to give tickets to asshats like you then…. i get pissed as hell when i have to slow down to drive around a douche bag double parking….

    isn’t it illegal to double park? why don’t cops enforce that law?

  5. Like the ones collecting Medicaid like baseball cards and hiding cash in safety deposit boxes like Easter eggs?

    Those poor russians suffering by driving LAST Year’s Mercedes Benzes. The Horror. Go back to Putinland and complaint to your czar. AMERICANS ARE SICK OF YOU.

  6. Russia doesn’t want back those Russian Jews. The reason most of them left the form Soviet Republics was because nobody liked them there in the first place. 

  7. Don’t worry, if the cops try to give tickets, we’ll call them racist. Will say they are disrupting holy prayer services and targeting Muslims. Where do you want me to park? Muslim is the new Black of America. Are you racist?

  8. whoops my mistake, i ment to write Elderly Russian Jews…..

    Lets all Rethink your sentences now….

  9. you sir, need to put down the crack pipe……. Cause the law doesn’t work with religion… leave your Religion at home.

    Either you follow the Law, or you Pay for it.

  10. I’m referring to the Third Wave emigration in the 70s where Russian Jews escaped the Soviet Union due to persecution. 

    From Wikipedia
    In the 1970s a number of Russian-speaking Soviet citizens (predominantly Jews) emigrated to Israel and the U.S. due to political and economic reasons, and also to escapeantisemitism. Some Soviet dissidents were forced to emigrate by the KGB, which threatened them with arrest. This group is often called the “third wave” of Russian emigration


    Just to add somethings on, if you are are a Jew of Soviet Origin, ask your parents for the birth certificates/passport. They list there nationality as “Jew,” not Russian.

  11. ALEX  double parking is illegal so you will lose if you try and fight the tickets for double parking… but I doubt you are Muslim.  🙂

    and if you think this Mosque is going to present a traffic problem just wait until the new barclay center opens downtown.

    and on a SIDE NOTE:  for those that followed my ANGRY RANT about getting a ticket on emmons ave supposedly for an expired meter….  we have gotten the determination from our contest of that ticket…. WE WON, the ticket was dismissed: the reason, TIME LEFT ON METER  🙂  we are now waiting to hear of the outcome of our  request for an investigation into this fraudulent ticket and the others that were issued on the same block by the same traffic cop that night  🙂

  12. NOW…. at the turn of the century MY GRANDPARENTS emigrated here from RUSSIA!!!!   you do not get to say what AMERICANS are sick of kiddo…  if you want to spew that kind of hatred take responsibility for it and stop trying to pretend you speak for America… you do NOT!!!

  13. are native Indian. America was made of immigrants. I came from the middle east and have done more work as an immigrant than many american who are born into the welfare system. 

  14. Given the major’s support of unobtrusive surveillance of sites frequented by Muslims, completion of the mosque would make it possible to conduct such surveillance quite efficiently–it would bring all the fish into one barrel, so to speak, for ease of observation.

  15. Now, now, that kind of Police Protection only applies to Orthodox, Hasidic and wealthy Sephardic Jews living in Williamsburg, Ocean Parkway, Manhattan Beach and the Five Towns. Silly boy. A Sergeant once told me how the 61 had to “do things for those people that she couldn’t even do for her own family.”

    Thanks to this type of insular ghetto mentality, the United States has rapidly Balkanized. Ethnic cleansing will be next.

  16. OMG, Why the complaints. UM, Did you see on Nostrand Avenue between V and W On  the side of McDonalds. Triple parking is okay for the buses . To take control Of Nostrand Avenue. Where buses and cars cant drive down that block.  Oh thats okay. Oops did i say something wrong and did I offend anyone. What do you know. Just complain. What do they say. If its good for the goose its what?

  17. Anything anyone says will turn into racism against Muslims. Today, If you say anything about a black person, they respond with racism. Same goes for Muslims. If a white police officer shoots a black person, its racism. If a black police officer shoots a white person, its a mistake. Blacks and Muslims have more rights than White Americans. 

  18.  Yes, I’m serious. And a lot of people in Southern Brooklyn are very serious. We have to stop this mosque with zoning and safety violation.
    Why do you not protest about killing Christians and Jews in Islamic countries? Why do you not protest about total prohibition for Christian churches at Islamic countries? Why your vision is so one-sighted?

  19.  Since when you became so deep political expert? Yes, I speak Russian language. I’m an US citizen. I’m paying huge taxes to cover many of US born Medicaid and Food Stamp recipients. Yes, we are conservative. If you’re looking for more liberal view, welcome to Bed-Stuy or East New York. They totally share your values.

  20. Does nobody on this form read the full fucking thread before making a reply? I was referring to the third wave Russian of emigration that was brought on by persecution of Jews in the Soviet Union during the 60s/70s.

  21. the recent russian migration is worse than ever before. they are money hungry with no regards to law. Uzbekistans will cause a lot of fraud and crime. be warned.  

  22. uhm, u r a bigot. plain and simple. 
    Not everything is as u say it is. 
    but just responding to u gives u validation. so i will stop. 

  23. is this mosque being built using your tax money? if it is, then so are synogogues and churches.  
    people are free to practice whatever religion they like and have the right to build their places of worship. 
    you are against it because you are not a muslim and only see your own myopic point of view. 

    Please go right ahead and vote conservative, i’m sure your beloved elderly relatives would love that. Esp, when their home aides and medicaid funded transportation gets taken away. 

  24. same goes for religious jews, you pull them over for a flagrant traffic violation, you are an anti-semite. Even if your last name is jewish, u are still an anti-semite. do you know how many people in the police force, good qualifying officers have been passed over for promotions, to detective and etc, because of these baseless accusations?

    So please dont tell me fairy tales, that only blacks, latinos and muslims do this. Jews are pretty proficient at this shit too.

  25. Reading comprehension is not as fun for some as blindly attacking the first thing they read things into or taking a moment to comprehend where the poster’s viewpoint is from.

  26.  i’m sorry but i don’t think it’s fair for people to think that Religion (a fairy tale they tell kids) should be used as an excuse to get out of the Laws Grasp…. Like for example, when a pedophile molests a young boy he gets caught gets sent to jail. why shouldn’t a priest who molests a young boy get the same punishment?  Duhhh….. 

  27. Yep, politicians and laws nowadays are too lenient towards religions, especially certain ones over others. So much for separation of church and state.

  28. i agreed with u, right up to the last part. 
    and then u went off on your bigotri-fied view point. 
    when u say “balkanized” what do YOU mean?
    because, if you have been living in NYC, you must have been living under some rock in prospect park, behind the trees, in the dark. Maybe even underground. Because NYC has been pretty culturally diverse…. oh for quiet a while — and you see, NYC was able to adjust to it, for the most part (excluding, obviously, you). And so will the rest of the USA.
     Its not that difficult, u just need to work on that intolerance of yours. 

  29.   @Knightmare6:disqus Yea that’s totally unfair, if the law says you CANNOT that is how it should be. There shouldn’t be a Role people can jump on, he gave me a ticket for being a different color/religion/association and so on.  Like when i see a Traffic cop parking their car on a hydrant….. What the fuck?? why don’t other cops give that car a ticket? and make them pay like every other person… that’s not fuckin fair, what if a fire broke out and they needed to use the pump but the asshat who parked it there is no where in sight….

    shit like this is the reason why kids today rebel.

  30. Storobin is beating a dead dog just so he can show whose side he’s on.

    Come November he will very likely disappear off the political map forever.

  31. when you say ‘americans are sick of you’ speak for yourself. america is build on immigrants and according to you unless you are a native american you should go back to wherever you or your parents (grandparents) came from 

  32. “Don’t worry, if the cops try to give tickets, we’ll call them racist. Will say they are disrupting holy prayer services and targeting Muslims. Where do you want me to park? Muslim is the new Black of America. Are you racist?”

    This is the dumbest statement ever. Where do we want you to park? how about around the corner and walk just like normal people do. And this is why you do not see double parked cars around churches and synagogues becuase we park, walk, or take a bus or a cab. You are allowed to double park for a SHORT period of time if there is no legal parking on both sides of the street and you are not blocking a driveway, but if you leave your car for a long time and somebody can’t get out because of it cops WILL right you up. And as soon as you get a ticket the person you are blocking can call any towing company and have you towed (at owners expense). If the police won’t give out tickets you get your tires slushed a couple of times and they will be forced to start writing just to avoid destruction of private property.

    PS: I am not a racist I equaly hate everybody

  33. That is the most idiotic thing I’ve read in this thread. You should be proud of having earned that distinction, you had a lot of competition.

  34. In November he shall be defeated. The comptition in the distrcit he chose to run in is rough, he had no real credentrials to run on. Playing Don Quixote isn’t going to help him at all.

  35. Now, now, it’s not intolerance of “mine.” When groups occupying so closely within a landmass are so insular, mutually exclusive and have long running histories of demanding to be separate with absolutely no identification with a larger encompassing group occupying that same land, there exists a certainty of Balkanization.

    When the spit hits the fan, do you think for one second all of these simmering ethnic and religious tensions are not going to boil over? Give it another 20 to 50 years, sooner if the collapse comes rapidly. These groups as so many now in this country, do not think of themselves as American, nor do they want to. 

  36. How is this relevant to what happens here in AMERICA???

    Total prohibition????Saudi Arabia isn’t all Muslim countries, in fact there are millions of Christian Arabs as well as other Christian ethnic minorities all over the middle east who can and do build churches.

    If you want to find a place where jews are murdered: look no further than your beloved Eastern Europe where Jews are still the victims of Neo-Nazi attacks and hate mongering protests simply for doing things like putting up a menorah in a public square.

    So if your way of proving that you’re better than Wahabism is to practice your own version of it, then you’re doing it wrong. 

  37. yes alex you’re right, this community totally needs mr. storobin to fight for small businesses through pointless xenophobic outbursts regarding pertinent issues to agnostic russian jews: like gay marriage and mosques.

  38. You pay taxes on the money you steal? I was unaware .. My Bad. I’ll have my friends in the IRS look into you to make sure.

  39. Ramadan Mubarak to all ,,,

    We have  in  sheepshead Bay more than  1500 voters  ready  to go and vote  this  year as Muslims   FOR THE FIRST TIME ^_^ 
    We will see who will win this time  have  a good  day .

    Yes for those who support  people’s rights   yes  for Freedom and equality…. 

  40. Bloomberg Philanthropies today announced that 394 cities across the United States have entered the Mayors Challenge, a competition to inspire American cities to generate innovative ideas that solve major challenges and improve city life. How about approaching severe Corruption in NYC when Citizens forced out of their homes losing their life savings trying to protect their homes from Corrupted offi…cials of Department of Buildings who are not only permitting illigal constructions which is “taking over” lands that in deeds of adjoining owners to Developer who Department of Building considering their “favorit” helping him to gain others people land, make him big money by overlooking illigal construction, even contact Court on his behalf to help grant him land of adjoing owners with his demand o n the Supreme Court to restarain forever adjoining owners from their own unencumbered property for Developer enjoiment, use and occupancy their land! Department of Building Inspectors, Supervisers are running around suggesting to homeowners that their property will be granted by Court to the Developer and Department of Building will give violation to homeowners for using their own land! If it would not be so tragic and would not be destroying peoples lifes living them on the Street,forcing them from their home that they paid for 15-30 years morgtages,property tax, maintained and developed-it would be even fanny how this kind of things can be permitted, promoted and happening in reality!(?!) Maybe it should be some competition of how to Challange and solve such beyond believe corruption of Department of Buildings in New York City?! That would be tremendously improving life in New York City and maybe could be even inspire other American cities to solve their Corruption problems! Do we deserve basic Human Rights?

  41. hello guys, well lets not judge, one, few, many, russians for all. Not all jews are against the masjid being build. On the other hand, all we muslims have to do is make dua, stick together, and have faith within each other, and no matter how much these people try to prevent the masjid to be build for our children of today and tomorrow IT WILL HAPPEN and THEY WILL HAVE NOTHING TO DO ABOUT IT BUT MAYBE MOVE!! and when they move, haha us muslims can buy MORE of there land and increase the size of the house of WORSHIP! As we can all see, through the protest, and the arguments and the debates, and the struggles, the masjid is in construction 🙂 May Allah Sob7ana wa ta3la only and only stick besides everyone and guide us all. 


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