Sheepshead Bay HS Gathering July 30

For those of you following the very emphatic Facebook page of THIS IS IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!, you know that the class of 1990 and friends of Sheepshead Bay High School alumni are planning a special summer get together and reunion for anyone who graduated from the school.

The event will have a sports spin with a planned basketball game. Here is the information in a cut-and-paste from the Facebook page (date clarification added). There is also a mingling party planned at TGIF restaurant in Sheepshead Bay the night before the reunion. There’s not much time left to pay the entrance fee, unless you use the PayPal payment option.

THIS IS IT – Class of 1990 and friends in reunion
July 31, 2010 · 1:00pm – 5:00pm
Brooklyn, NY

Ok This is it.
Here is the plan for the weekend. On Friday July 30th at 8 PM we will be meeting at TGIF in the bay to just mingle with one another. On Saturday July 31st we will be at SBHS from 1-5 PM. If you are playing in the Basketball game in which we will be playing one game that is 2 20 minute halves then you need to be at the School by 12:00 to get your Jersey and to see what team you will be on. We only have room for 40 …heads so take into consideration if you were not part of the Basketball or Football team from the years of 1988-1992 you may play or you may not. I have spoken to many people already and you know who you are and that you are playing so don’t worry. Also, everyone will be scanned at the door as there will be high security in the building.REMEMBER YOU CANNOT PAY CASH AT THE DOORS. WE WILL NOT DEAL WITH ANY CASH AT THE SCHOOL.PLEASE PAY THRU THE PAYPAL OR SEND IT TO THE ADDRESS LISTED. After the game ends we will spend the rest of the time from 3:30 till 5 in the cafeteria mingling and networking and catching up on old times with Music, beverages, and food. Hope you all enjoy and sit tight and watch us Old guys breathe heavy on the court. Make sure you pay the $31 in advance at Paypal link below..
We will keep you posted for the after Party!!!!!!!!!!!!

Special guest appearance will be announced soon….
You may pay via this link (includes a $1 Paypal processing fee):
You may send a check or Money Order ($30 for each adult attending) payable to ” Face Advertising” and mail to:
Mr. Dan Felix
Face Advertising
2301 Collins Avenue, Suite 405
Miami Beach, FL 33139

This small donation will go towards the SBHS sports programs which are bankrupt. Thanks to a donation from one of our successful alumni, food, entertainment and a reunion gift will be provided!!