Sheepshead Contractor Accused of Exploiting Workers

Beys Specialty Inc Contractors in Sheepshead Bay
Beys Specialty in Sheepshead Bay is accused of underpaying workers on a federal contract

Union protesters from Local 79 appeared this morning at the storefront of Sheepshead Bay contractor Beys Specialty with their ubiquitous inflatable rat. During a phone interview with Sheepshead Bites, police arrived on scene at the business owner’s behest.

The business, Beys Specialty Inc., located at 2520 Coney Island Avenue, is accused by the union of illegally exploiting workers on a federal courthouse project in downtown Brooklyn.

As we spoke to a picketer over the phone, police arrived and the owner of Beys Specialty could be heard telling officers that the protesters were making too much noise, blocking the business’ driveway, and banging on the windows of parked cars.

While the officer spoke, the picketers began blowing on whistles and shouting, “Every day! Monday, Tuesday, everyday!” to imply they wouldn’t leave the site.

Before police arrived, the group shouted, “Shame on you!” at the building’s facade.

Beys Specialty received the bid to do construction work on one wing of the second floor and the entire ninth floor of the Kings County Clerk Supreme Court Building at 360 Adams Street, say union representatives.

However, the picketers say Beys Specialty is in violation of the Davis-Bacon Act, which requires that contractors or their subcontractors involved in federal projects are to “pay workers employed directly upon the site of the work no less than the locally prevailing wages and fringe benefits paid on projects of a similar character.”

Local 79 members say Beys Specialty is paying below a living wage when workers should be receiving approximately the same amount as union members in the area.

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