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Sheepshead Bay Columnist To Give Out Free Books To Encourage Reading

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ATTENTION LIGHT AND NON-READERS: Monday is World Book Night. In 6,000 towns and cities across America, volunteers will give away half a million free books on one day.

Sheepshead Bites contributor Neil Friedman is a volunteer book-giver and will be distributing 10 paperback copies of a novel Monday at noon at the Gerritsen Beach branch of the Brooklyn Public Library (2808 Gerritsen Avenue). Rather than distribute on a first-come, first-served basis, prospective recipients will be asked an easy question on American literature on the spot, so no one has an advantage or attempts to look it up online. The first 10 who give the correct answer will receive a trade paperback novel, appropriate for readers 12 and up, selected by Friedman from a list of 30 books.

Go to to see the entire list of books and sponsors, and more information.

World Book Night in the U.S. is a non-profit organization, and has 501(c)3 charitable status. World Book Night U.S. is supported by publishers, Barnes & Noble, the American Booksellers Association, the American Library Association, Ingram Content Group, United Parcel Services, and fifteen printers and paper companies.

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  1. Question for Neil or Ned (or anyone):  the public library has quit accepting book donations. For a little while I was actually putting my read books stealthily on their shelf (in the right place according to subject). But I’d rather not go against the library’s wishes. I can’t understand why they don’t want free books, but whatever.

    Do you know of anywhere in the neighborhood that accepts books in good condition? I don’t have a car, so hauling large numbers of them at one time is not an option. Thanks in advance.

  2. According to the website, Gerritsen Beach library is taking books until tomorrow:

    Other than that, no BP library branches accept them anymore except for the central library on eastern parkway, if I recall correctly. Gerritsen Beach still does it because of the volunteer association the helps them out. My guess is the system centralized the way they accept donated books in order to save money.

  3. Don’t they need to ship books back through the central branch anyway when people dump books from other branches in their slot?

  4. Love GAP especially on a Saturday when the green market is in town. I always take a couple laps around the loop and then lock it when I feel like a stroll and a good lunch.

  5. That’s a great neighborhood: the big library, the market, and the park. Sometimes I walk all the way home from there. Then collapse. Then I get on Bites. That’s why my posts are so crazy.

  6. this is great! it kind of reminds me of the project that some one is doing, by taking the phone booths that we have in the city and making tiny libraries out of them.

    This article doesn’t mention it, but i think i remember someone saying that it is being done by a cooper-union student. Either way… 



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