Sheepshead Bay Businesses: Time For An Intervention?

(Construction Intervention TV website screenshot)
(Construction Intervention TV website screenshot)

Renovation gone bad? The Discovery Channel is doing casting calls in the Tri-State Area for a show they are calling “Construction Intervention”.

If you are a business owner who started a renovation, but never got it done or had some such other tragedy involving botched construction work, you might do well in contacting the casting department. If you don’t own a


business under construction, but have seen a Southern Brooklyn storefront in need of desperate help, why not nominate one? While it may be too late to save the now-gone Joanne’s Discount Center (formerly located at 2209 Avenue X), there may still be time to save some of the other staples of our community. The offer for intervention is open to even businesses in need of a “pick-me-up”.

Check the About Us page on their website for more information. You may contact the show organizers by e-mail or call them at (212) 264-3600 x 417 or 421.

We’re curious though: even if you’re not a business owner, what storefronts and commercial buildings in Sheepshead Bay do you think need an intervention? If you don’t have time to make the call, why not just leave the name of the most needy businesses in the comments section, here. We’ll be more than happy to call casting for you.