Sheepshead Bay: Best Place To Dive… I Guess

Village Voice just named Sheepshead Bay the “Best Place to Look at an Underwater Shipwreck” in their annual Best Of Awards, and gave rave reviews. And by rave, I mean raving mad.

I mean, how do you call us – or, rather, the excursions on the Jeanne II – the best place to dive and then write this:

There’s not much sexiness about these wreck dives, some of which go more than 100 feet down. As a diver, you’ll be covered head to toe in a mask, full body suit, and hood, and, still, the water will freeze your ass off and the visibility will be near zero. The captain of the Jeanne II looks like a pirate, and your fellow divers will mostly be crusty old men.

Well, actually, that makes perfect sense to me. Hanging out on a boat with a pirate and his curmudgeonly crew is what Disney movies are made of.

So thanks for the spotlight, Village Voice. We previously heard from the New York Times about how great Jeanne II’s scuba trips are, so maybe its about time we chilled down under (the water line) as well.