Sheepshead Agrarians Take Root

(Photo by Ray Johnson)

Sheepshead Bay started as a farming community in the mid 1800’s and it looks as though some of our residents have decided to pay homage to its agrarian roots. (In all honesty, we’re not sure if these gardens are set up to pay homage or just to get a fresh long green bean.) With front, back, and side, in some local yards filled to the hilt with produce-producing paint-pots of soil, we wonder how long it will take for Sheepshead to reclaim its fame as the farm by the bay.

As the picture above shows, when it comes to having fresh vegetables, many are willing to forgo aesthetics and valuable parking space for the privilege of having the pick of the crop right at their doorstep. While we’re all for our Bay neighbors making the most of their property, we do worry that with so much space taken up with gardening, there might not be any easy access out from indoors in case of emergency. Let’s not forget the fertilizer smells, bugs, and other critters that just seem to always surround these overgrown gardens. There is also the remote possibility that some of the harvest is landing in the produce bin and yielding a profit. In which case, we would like to say, “Where are our overalls? We’d like to get in on this.”

Gardening is good for us in many ways. Sheepshead Bay needs a few  community access gardens, especially now that overdevelopment is threatening to turn us into a concrete jungle. We’re sure that Brooklyn Bears, Hollenback, and all other Brooklyn community gardens would love to help.