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Cops Identify Burned Body Found In Gerritsen Beach As Shaniesha Forbes, 14

Source: Facebook

Authorities have revealed the identity of the naked, burned body found on Gerritsen Beach’s shores Sunday morning as 14-year-old Shaniesha Forbes.

Forbes was reported missing on Friday, last seen at her Flatlands home on Avenue I at 8 a.m. Friday before leaving for school. Forbes was a freshman at Academy for Young Writers in East New York, according to her Facebook profile.

According to the Daily News, Forbes’ naked body was found partially burned next to the remains of a bonfire and some beer. The burns are not believed to be the cause of her death, as there was no smoke in her lungs and only her legs, arms and hands were burned.

Police have not yet ruled the death a homicide, and an autopsy was inconclusive. They have previously noted that there were no obvious signs of trauma, but are continuing to investigate.

Various reports say that Forbes had run away from home at least once before, and so police did not issue a public missing persons bulletin.

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  1. I don’t understand so what if she once ran away before? Does that make it okay? That means that no one should be looking for her? Or what about the possibility she may have run away because she was being abused? Yes, this is probably the last we will hear about this.

  2. It’s sad what has happened to this child, may she rest in peace. Did they have to use a duck face pic of her for this story? I’m sure there was a nicer photo they could have used.

  3. Never understand why running away means a kid’s not worth looking for — should be just the opposite, with questions raised. If she was running away, why? In any case, what was she doing there, how did she get there, who was she with, etc.?

  4. ugh, hopefully some more details will emerge.

    We don’t know if this is a hate crime, but if it is, I would join Sharpton for the march.

    The sickening part about this is that the police did not issue a missing person’s bulletin because this is the second time she supposedly ran away? How fucked up is that? It’s an underage child. what kind bs is this?

  5. bunch of trolls been posting here lately…… So sad what happened. 🙁 on a random note, this is like an episode of Law and Order: Special Victims Unit. (does that even exist in NYC? )


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