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Several Car Windows Smashed In Sheepshead Bay [Photos]

(Photo submitted by Sheepshead Bites reader)

Several cars parked in Sheepshead Bay got their windows smashed early Saturday morning, all within a couple blocks of each other, according to residents and police sources.

The consecutive break-ins, or “criminal mischief” incidents, were reported to police between 1am and 6am on Saturday, July 8. Cops confirm reports of three break-ins between East 29th Street and Avenue Z near Nostrand Avenue.

Neighbors pegged the estimate of damaged cars higher — between seven and ten.

Photos submitted by a neighbor and car owner, who wished to remain anonymous, show the decimated windows with shattered glass littering the seats.

It remains unclear whether the incidents are connected, but they were reported around the same time and date, and on adjacent streets.

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