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Service Union Takes Aim At Congressman Grimm For Immigration Reform

Source: Facebook
Source: Grimm’s office via Facebook

The list of those who consider Republican Congressman Michael Grimm vulnerable in next year’s election is growing, and the Service Employees International Union (SEIU) is the latest to pledge thousands of dollars to taking him down.

We previously on how the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee (DCCC) has launched a full-on blitz against the representative after a narrow seven-point victory against a lackluster candidate, Mark Murphy. They’ve thrown their considerable war-chest towards television and internet ads against the incumbent, and have given their backing to outgoing Councilmember Domenic Recchia, who, as finance chair of the Council, has garnered quite a bit of support.

Even the GOP considers Grimm vulnerable, enlisting him in their “Patriot” program, providing fundraising and communications support to candidates that might lose their seats in upcoming elections.

Last week, the SEIU committed approximately $80,000 to ousting Grimm with ads in the district blasting him for his faulture to support immigration reform.

The Daily News reports:

The ads, running in the districts in each on the members, cite House’s failure to move immigration reform a symptom of an inept Congress and ask viewers to press the member to support action. In addition to pressuring members, they seek to make the members responsible if reform fails.

“One year out from the mid-term elections, Speaker Boehner is putting members of his caucus at risk. Commonsense immigration reform is smart politics, good policy and the right thing to do,” said SEIU Executive Vice President Rocio Saenz.

The SEIU has 2.1 million members nationwide, representing immigrant-heavy trades, including healthcare, property services and public services. It accounts for most of New York City’s unionized home health aides, janitors, bus drivers, maintenance workers and more.

But with one new foe, Grimm also makes a friend. Politico is reporting that Grimm has garnered the support of some buildings and trade unions, one of few Republicans to do so. And while national labor groups are steering clear of him, local chapters like the Mason Tenders District Council are donating funds and campaigning on his behalf.

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  1. In Amy Nicholson’s great documentary film, “Zipper — Coney Island’s Last Wild Ride” — Domenic Recchia is shown as a major player teaming with billionaires to sell off Coney Island. (I guess his campaign will be well-funded — but by whom?)

    I’ve written several times to Recchia, my former City Council rep, about his policies for Congress, which are far different than his local ones. Such things as the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq (I’m against them); give-aways to the pharmaceutical industry, and the mass-spraying of pesticides; labeling or (preferably) outright banning of genetically engineered food; global climate change; taxing the rich and using those funds to provide much needed services for the working class and poor; and a number of other queries. He hasn’t responded, but continues to send me letters seeking my support for his possible run for Congress.

    Frankly, as someone who lives in Bensonhurst, we need him to actually think about the issues, if he wants our votes. He’s been absent on too many of them while palling around with Bloomberg, and must become far more responsive to the Community’s needs on the national scale.

    Mitchel Cohen
    Brooklyn Greens/Green Party, and
    Coordinator, No Spray Coalition against Pesticides

  2. someone needs to address the low flying airplanes at less than 3000 feet in the air, every 30 seconds apart all day long.

    Grimm so far has done nothing to help us. 25 years living in Bath Beach and never any air traffic, that is until Nextgen was instilled by the corrupt FAA.

    Our nice and tranquil neighborhood, along with Park Slope, Sunset Park are now war zones with planes flying across most of Brooklyn headed to landing at LGA.

    criminal, simply criminal.

    our elected officials need to address this, or we can and will vote them out.



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