Seriously? New Sex Scandal At Madison H.S.

Daily News is reporting that a fifth staff member at James Madison High School is under investigation, this time a female gym teacher accused of “feeling up” a 14-year-old girl.

The latest scandal involves Madison High gym teacher Lisa Guttilla, 37, who was arrested Friday for feeling up a 14-year-old girl, police sources said.
The student attended private Poly Prep Country Day School, where Guttilla was a part-time volleyball coach.
The abuse came to light when the teen’s mother started asking questions about a hickey on her neck – and she confessed to sexy sessions with Guttilla between Jan. 4 and 9.
A complaint filed in Brooklyn Criminal Court says the teacher did “touch, grab, squeeze and kiss the [girl] about the breast and buttock.”

Guttilla has been charged with sexual abuse and child endangerment and sent to the infamous rubber room, a much maligned “reassignment” center where teachers continue to receive pay while awaiting disciplinary actions.

As you probably remember, back in December two female teachers, Alini Brito and Cindy Mauro, were caught in a classroom having a naked affair during a SING performance. Two days later it was revealed that another teacher, Allison Musacchio, was accused of inappropriate relations with a male student. Then, within days of that, Daily News discovered that a teacher had accused Assistant Principal Michael Edelman of sexual harassment.