Senator Storobin Proposes Bill To Repeal Gay Marriage

David Storobin

Just about two weeks after taking office, newbie Senator David Storobin proposed bill SB 7712, which would repeal same-sex marriage in New York.

“The government has thrust upon the people of this state a definition of marriage that violates their religious and personal moral beliefs,” Storobin writes in a memo attached to the bill, according to the Wall Street Journal.

During his controversial campaign against Councilman Lew Fidler, Storobin spoke out against Fidler for supporting gay marriage. Now, with redistricting set to eliminate his district, Storobin will be running in the so-called “Super Jewish” district, where his latest bill would likely play well – if his opponent, Democrat Simcha Felder, did not also oppose it.

Regardless, the bill is unlikely to pass as Storobin is the only sponsor and there isn’t a companion bill in the Assembly.


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