Senator Marty Golden’s Staffer “No Longer Employed” After Anti-Semitic Facebook Posts


UPDATE (2/27/18): This afternoon, in an email statement, Senator Golden announced staff member Anthony Testaverde’s departure from the senator’s employment.

“Anthony Testaverde is no longer employed by my office.  While freedom of speech is a right, that all citizens enjoy, what occurred in this instance was wrong and cannot be tolerated,” he wrote.

BAY RIDGE – Senator Marty Golden’s longtime staffer, Anthony Testaverde, shared anti-Semitic posts on Facebook comparing Adolph Hitler to Democrats, gun control advocates, and David Hogg, a survivor of the Parkland school shooting. Andrew Gounardes and Ross Barkan, candidates running to unseat Golden, are calling on the senator to fire him.

“Marty Golden must fire Anthony Testaverde immediately. It’s that simple,” Barkan said. “Anti-Semites, racists, and far right conspiracy theorists have for years opposed common-sense gun control measures by invoking the name of Adolf Hitler. As the great-grandson of Jews who fled anti-Semitism in Eastern Europe, I am deeply mortified that a staffer for the state senator who represents me would endorse such vile viewpoints.”

Someone did point out to Testaverde that his post was rather offensive and that the comparison was “disgusting.” But the staffer had a response to that as well.

According to Barkan, if Golden does not fire Testaverde, then the senator is endorsing “these heinous ideas.”

“The survivors of the mass shooting at Stoneman Douglas High School should be commended for their bravery, not likened to the worst mass murderer in history,” Barkan said. “We need serious gun control to prevent future school shootings. We don’t need people like Anthony Testaverde parroting absolute garbage.”

Gounardes went on Twitter to express his concerns, calling Testaverde’s comments “beyond disgusting — they are morally reprehensible.”

“No one who espouses such despicable hatred and idiocy deserves one dime of taxpayer money,” he tweeted.

“The views expressed in this social media post are as wrong and offensive as they are misguided,” Golden told BKLYNER. “At my direction the post that was ‘shared’ has been deleted.”

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  1. Really disgusting and you would think that a Staffer for a NY State Senator would no better and you would think that the State Senator wouldn’t even have to be told to fire that staffer but would do it on his own by using his brain.

  2. It’s amusing that the Leftist are trying to turn this around by getting outraged that David Hogg and the Nazi’s both pushed for gun confiscation. It’s a historical fact.

  3. Wait – if the staffer is denouncing gun control, and denouncing Hogg…. isnt he by extension denouncing Nazism and Hitler also??

  4. I don’t know what is more reprehensible: politicians demonizing children who were shot at in school or idiots who agree with said politicians. Put your misguided politics aside and think about what you are saying. Kids are being shot in school and are reaching out for help. End of story.

  5. Marty has to vet his staff with a higher standard.

    Time to have a staff meeting so he can share what his thoughts are on Charlottesville and on the March For Life. If they can’t fall in line with the boss’ views then it’s career redirection time. He should also give them a new reading list(US Constitution, Declaration of Independence, anything by Abe Lincoln to start).

    There an important election coming up. It’s time to drop the slackers.


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