Searching For A Unique Rehearsal Dinner Space

Searching For A Unique Rehearsal Dinner Space
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Neighbor Jennifer wants to keep her wedding rehearsal dinner local, but needs a little more space–and access to the kitchen. She writes:

My fiance and I are getting married in late September. We’re looking forward to having a big family dinner for our rehearsal dinner the night before, but unfortunately our current apartment is too small to accommodate the 30 or so people we anticipate attending.
My brother is going to cater, so we’re looking for a place with access to a kitchen. Do any B&B or private homeowners have a kitchen and dining area large enough for our needs that we might be able to rent?
We love this neighborhood and its beautiful homes and want to share the beauty of Ditmas Park with our out-of-towner families!

Anybody know of a large space in Ditmas Park, suitable for events but without a chef of its own? If so, help us help Jennifer find the perfect place for her gathering.

Photo via ScapeMedia