Scott Organ's "Playdate" To Premiere At TriBeCa This Week

Scott Organ's "Playdate" To Premiere At TriBeCa This Week
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Neighborhood writer and actor Scott Organ‘s short film, Playdate, will be premiering at the TriBeCa Film Festival this week. Here’s the synopsis:

Playground politics soon boil over when Paul and Kate excitedly arrive for dinner at the home of a cool couple from their kids’ school, only to discover an interloping third couple already in attendance.

We spoke with Scott about Playdate, his life in Ditmas Park, and what’s up next for him and writing partner David Shane.

Congratulations on making it into Tribeca! This is the film’s world premiere, right?
Yes, this will be the world premiere.

Is it scheduled to go to any other festivals?
David Shane, the director and co-writer, submitted it to a few festivals. So far, we got into one other festival, but had to pull out so we could keep our premiere status and stay in TriBeCa. We are waiting to hear on other festivals.

What inspired you to write and make Playdate?
When you have young kids, you can find yourself trolling the playgrounds, looking for other cool parents to become friends with  and it occurred to me that it was not too far removed from being in a bar, trolling for a romantic mate. Except now, you’re a couple and you’re trying to land another couple. I thought it would be interesting to play that dynamic out in a film. Simultaneously, my co-writer had a very similar idea. It felt a bit like kismet, so we took a break from the feature-length script we’re writing and wrote Playdate in a few days. I should note that any resemblance to real persons, living or dead, in this neighborhood is purely coincidental. I promise.

Any favorite neighborhood spots for connecting with other parents? Any spots you’ve given up on?
Lark is a nice addition to the neighborhood – it softens the blow of the loss of NYC Icy

You also star in the film. Do you often act in films or plays that you write? Did you write Playdate with yourself in mind, or is that something you and David decided later?
I generally am smart enough to not act in something I’ve written and we weren’t thinking of me when we were writing. We were thinking of somebody better, just anyone better, really. In fact, we were imagining some guy who was really really good. But David has directed me before and went with the devil he knew. Me. And then he surrounded me with 5 really terrific actors and I think it all worked out.

How long have you lived in Ditmas Park and why did you move here?
I have lived here for 8.5 years. My girlfriend at the time (now wife) DeAnna and I were looking for somewhere we could afford. The train took us here. We were amazed. At the time, there were no coffee options. But we loved it anyway and have loved it since.

So you’re not single?
I am married and the father to two amazing boys who don’t think it’s even mildly interesting to see their father on TV.

What’s next for you? We noticed you were in a Toyota commercial last year. Any other ads or projects in which folks should be looking for you?
I can be seen here and there hawking this or that when they decide to hire me. I hope they continue to hire me, whoever “they” are. My Playdate writing partner and I just completed a feature-length comedy called Lifers that we’d like someone to pay us to make. Anybody? And I have another screenplay, based on my play Phoenix,  that could be in pre-production any day now. Or could never be heard from again. Depending on how things go.

Playdate has screenings the next two Thursdays (4/18 and 4/25) and Sundays (4/21 and 4/28), but tickets are going quickly, so get ’em while you can.


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