Scam Alert: Water Quality Hoaxers

From the Manhattan Beach Community Group:

It has been brought to our attention that a resident of Manhattan Beach received a telephone call on Thursday, July 22, from a company informing the resident that there is drinking water contamination in the area and that this company has been subcontracted out to do tests in his home.
The Environmental Committee of the Manhattan Beach Community Group (MBCG) has been in touch with the Department of Environmental Protection of the City of New York (DEP) and as of Friday, July 23, 2010, we were informed that DEP has no knowledge of any water contamination in Manhattan Beach.
We caution residents to be vigilant when they receive calls of this nature.  Please use  common sense with any stranger calling or ringing your bell. Feel free to contact us and we will gladly research any question you have.

Since the MBCG posted this on July 24, the group has received more calls from residents targeted by this scammer. Do not let strangers into your home or give them personal information!


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