Scam Alert: Con Artists Pose As Utility Workers

Every year, as the weather wanes and the air gets chilly, the scamming heats up.

It’s usually around this time of year that we get a slew of tips from residents about scam artists on the prowl. That’s because one of the most popular scams is when the con artist poses as a representative of a heating company, telling you that you can save money if you give him or her your personal information and/or access to your home.

Just today, we received a tip from reader James F., who lives in a building on Ocean Avenue.

“Three guys came to my door and wanted to go over a utility bill of mine—I don’t know which one because I didn’t want to pursue the conversation,” the very wise James wrote. “Just told them to leave the building. Was going out a few minutes later and saw a number of them going through the building with one guy stationed in the vestibule with a phone.”

The police reported at a recent civic association meeting that they’re also seeing an uptick of such reports. They reminded residents that if a person comes to your door unexpectedly and requests personal information of any kind, do not give it to them. Ask for their ID, make them wait outside while you call the company, and – if things don’t check out or they refuse to comply – call 911 immediately.