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Saturday: Top Brgr Hosts Hamburger Eating Contest!

Om Nom Nom! Ned want! Ned want now! (Source: Top Brgr)

The following is from our friends at Top Brgr (2267 Emmons Avenue):

We all know you know about the Nathan’s Hot Dog Eating Contest in Coney Island. Now there is a new challenger on the block;

Introducing the 1st Annual Hamburger Eating Contest held at Sheephead’s Bay renowned place, Top Brgr, where you can get the juiciest 100-percent Kobe beef burger. The competition takes place on Saturday, June 2 from 1pm-2 p.m. at Top Brgr, 2267 Emmons Ave. in Brooklyn, NY.

Top Brgr, which has become a New York-area destination since it opened in 2011, with a second Top Brgr location opening soon in NYC, wants to test the skill of some of the top local competitive eaters.

“It’s one thing to say that you’ve eaten the most hot dogs or wings, but how many people can make a claim to eating a good number of burgers?” said co-owner Steve Rakhmanov. “We offer a fun, friendly experience focused on a great place to spend with your family/friends as well enjoying some sensational burgers…. we wanted to do something enjoyable for the community.”

The public is invited to join us at this beautiful and fun waterfront dining experience, in a look of a classic 1950s soda shop. While the restaurant offers a traditional high-quality burger, it also adds flair with toppings such a caviar and pico de gallo.

“Nothing says summertime like the smell of grilled hamburgers, kids laughing and a bunch of nuts trying to outdo each other in an eating contest by the water,” said co-owner Ron Raykin. “We wanted to give this neighborhood a gathering spot for casual dining that is more than another chain with no character. Both Steve and I are from Brooklyn, so this business represents us and our love for Brooklyn.”

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  1. a New York-area destination since it opened in 2011

    I realize that this phrasing is currently common usage. But it is an example of the terrible direction that written expression has taken in recent years. Every place is a destination, and as Top Burgr opened in 2011 it could not have been a destination before then.

    Adjectives have not become any more expensive than they were in the past. I wish writers would take advantages of their ability to add measurably to the meaning of a sentence.

  2. This post is missing valuable information.

    Does it cost anything to enter the contest? How many applicants can there be?
    Will people watching and cheering get free samples? ETC…

  3. do your research on kobe beef.  you are an experienced writer, and almost always right on target with facts, but Kobe beef in the usa is nothing but a ploy – and USDA has a difficult time dealing with it.

    Kobe beef – found only in Japan, and Japan prohibits export to the USA, so when researching kobe beef in US and trying to validate meat purveyor’s claims, the ebst you will get goes something like this:  “well, this  is the USA version of Kobe beef, which means that we raise our cows the exact same way Japanese raise theirs, incouding feed, wash, and pampering, so if our cows get the same treatment as Japanese cows, ours must be Kobe beef too”


  4. Calling American raised Wagyu cattle “Kobe” is like calling sparkling wine from California “Champagne”.  Knock it off.

  5. What about those hybrid cows where they mated an american cow with a true kobe over here.

  6. I am pretty sure Ned didn’t write this.. Should have had a “sponsored” disclaimer somewhere.

  7. Are you serious?I did also…Not food poisening but I did throw up and had chills next day.

  8. I suggest the contestants try a sample prior to the contest to make sure there stomach agrees with there shit…I was sick after 1 burger,wouldnt want to eat 7 and drop dead

  9. They better hurry up and have the contest before our beloved Mayor tells us how many burgers we are allowed to eat at one sitting. And make sure you wash your burgers down with 16 Ozs or less of a sugary beverage!

  10. It says at the top “from our friends at Top Brgr,” which I thought made clear the words came from them. It’s not sponsored. They did not pay for placement; our policy is that if a business is doing something that’s free for the community, we run it for free. 

    However, Sheepshead Bites is a sponsor of the event.

  11.  you mean the time you had s_x with a fat japanese girl?   tried to anyway.   Hooray Arthur!

  12.  I have no doubt in my mind that all of these accounts are true. How you may wonder…well 4 months ago I was on the bowl for 2 days straight with the squirts from this place. I know, disgusting…but we need to warn these potential contestants what there getting into! I have never stepped foot in that place ever again!!

  13. Contestants don’t get charged per burger, do they?

    This place is really overpriced, which is why I’ve only gone there once.

  14. I too mistakenly thought that this was written by you. In fact, I’m glad I read the comments before leaving my own because I clicked through with the sole purpose of having a very awkward chat about how I understand that they are a sponsor, but I wish you wouldn’t so blatantly push a place that is known throughout the community as being incredibly mediocre and way overpriced. With a terrible personal experience, countless stories of people getting sick, and a two star Yelp review, my eyes bulged when I read that they are considered a “destination” and are even opening a second location. I was really excited about this place when it opened up so close to my house, and I am happy to see them supporting Sheepshead Bites, but after having visited 3 times hoping for a change I have entirely written it off as a dump that will only stay afloat because of the swarms of foot traffic on the bay in the summers. Foot traffic that hasn’t had a chance to read the reviews, but will often promptly come home and write a terrible one as soon as they are done.

    Steve/Ron – If you’re reading this, I get it. You’re doing Ok in the summers so who cares about a few bad reviews, but why would you want to continue to stand empty in the winter because of mediocre quality and high prices? This can all be addressed, so why not address it? I live two blocks away and find myself driving to the Five Guys in Bay Ridge for a decent burger. Hell, the burger in Applebees is better and cheaper then what you serve up. I would even pay your prices if the quality was there. Fix it, tell me, and I’ll be happy to come and try it one more time. I am not the only person that feels this way and you know that.

  15. Unfortunately, Ned has his hands tied. He said Sheepshead Bites is sponsoring the event. 

    These guys get away with calling it Kobe because the name isn’t regulated. There is no true Kobe beef in the States. What a sham.

  16. Yup. There is NO real Kobe beef in the states. It’s an unregulated name, Champagne is actually a regulated name, so that’s why you can’t just call any sparkling wine Champagne. 

    So they get away with charging 8 + bucks for a burger that customers are tricked into believing is real Kobe.


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