Saturday Morning Muppets: Evolution Of The Hipster

You don’t really see many hipsters in this part of Brooklyn. However, since Bensonhurst is relatively accessible by subway lines and points north, you do probably see the skinny jeans-wearing, rent-raising trustfunders more than you would in other parts of Southern Brooklyn. I’ve also been noticing more of them lately.

Because many of our readers might not venture to Williamsburg or the Lower East Side of Manhattan frequently enough to know what a hipster is, the above video, made and posted on Youtube by the muppetesque team of gloveandboots, may help them to understand exactly why the rent in those parts of the city is too damn high.

I’d like to give credit to hipster-hating website Diehipster for posting this first. While Ned and I certainly don’t agree with everything on the site, it can be pretty damn funny at times. This is one of those times. Have a great weekend and enjoy!