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Santa Stolen! Have You No Shame, Mr. Grinch?


Look at how sad Winnie the Pooh is, so overcome with despair that he can’t raise his head. That’s because his buddy, Inflatable Santa Claus, has been inflata-napped.

Reader Lisanne Anderson sent us this photo of the display in front of Carvel on Coney Island Avenue and Avenue Y. The inflatable figures belong to the Christmas tree vendor who leases space in the parking lot. And, according to Lisanne, an employee said the item was stolen from in front of the store.

Was it the Grinch? Maybe Tigger got jealous? Or some union elves got tired of slaving away while bossman stood around ice cream parlors? ┬áSome might say the 61st Precinct should get right on this. But that’s futile. There’s only one detective I know that can sniff out the criminals here.

We’re sending McGruff.

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  1. There’s no time to lose with Christmas only days away.

    All information received regarding the heinous crime will be kept confidential.

    We’re appealing to your sense of decency. Do the right thing!

  2. Pooh looks like he is quietly suggesting the thief is that way.
    There is no honor amongst thieves. Somebody just brought bad karma to their holidays.

  3. This is really uncalled for and it’s disgusting for these jackasses to get away with this. If & when they get caught they should do time for staling something that does not belong to them. What’s going on in this neighborhood lately??? This also can take away the joy from children with out that Santa there.


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