Sanitation Workers Who Wished Donald Trump Would Help Them Fight A Driver Are Back On The Job

Image via New York Daily News.
Image via New York Daily News.

The two Sanitation Department workers who were caught on video blocking traffic and then threatening a complaining driver with deportation and Donald Trump are back on the job after a five-day suspension.

According to the New York Daily News, the two returned to work on March 21; the incident occurred on March 17 on Clinton Avenue, near Greene Avenue in Clinton Hill.

As we noted last week:

the two workers had blocked both sides of the street — one lane with their truck and the other lane with a pile of recycling bags that they were loading into the compactor — when an SUV approached and the driver got out and “yelled” at them to move the bags and clear a path through.
In response, the workers alternately told the driver to “behave or you’ll be deported,” declared “Where’s [Donald] Trump when you need him?” and stood in front of his car and dared him to run him over.

The Sanitation Department’s investigation into the workers’ actions is ongoing, despite their reinstatement to duties.


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