Sanitation Admits Our Streets Don't Matter

Courtesy of Lisanne Anderson

From Courier-Life:

It’s official: the city has stopped picking up garbage.
A Sanitation official admitted this week that it ended regular pick-ups of public trash cans along commercial strips last July — instead only picking up the trash when trucks making residential runs drive by.
Now, pick-ups that occurred “as often as two or three times a day, seven days a week,” said Ignazio Terranova, are only happening once or twice a week.

It’s clear the city is not going to help us with garbage and litter in Sheepshead Bay. It’s time to start considering more creative solutions, whether that be teams of volunteers, or removing the cans, or what-have-you. With garbage in the streets, the neighborhood’s economy will stall and housing prices will also be hurt. Let’s not allow it to reach that point.

What’s your smart idea to keep our streets clean?


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